Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Sadie Gerbic

Sadie Gerbic is a Chicago based artist with a degree in printmaking and textile design from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Originally from Upstate NY, Ms. Gerbic spent her formative years as an artist studying plants, patterns and the natural landscape.

She has produced her own line of printed clothing and fabrics, and spent 15 years in the men’s apparel industry as a senior designer, colorist and merchandiser creating the fabric for men’s neckwear.

As an avid gardener, many sources of natural inspiration continue to influence her work today. Her travels to many lands including Viet Nam, Indonesia, Ghana, Brazil and Cambodia and her textile background inform her work. Sadie’s works on paper include etchings, serigraphs and watercolors combined with pastel, charcoal and glazing techniques.

Working in a collage like manner, Sadie takes images apart and places them back together in ways that are playful and humorous but sometimes somber and with a macabre twist. This process lends a surreal quality to her work. Through the use of symbolism and printmaking methods she strives to create a narrative. that comments on states of transition and changes in course due to life altering events. Though not chosen, these become the mapping of one’s life.